The International Kink Health Study

Adventurous people deserve exceptional care.

Welcome to the International Kink Health Study! 

The International Kink Health Study (IKHS) is a research project about the physical and mental health, childhood experience, sexuality and healthcare of those around the world with recurring fantasies and practices that involve kink/BDSM/leather and fetish.


We are absolutely delighted to welcome you to this exciting and innovative knowledge building project. Research is all about answering questions, and compassionate research is all about listening. 


Find out if you are eligible to join us on this multi-year journey to help us accurately relay your experiences of BDSM, kink and fetish urges, and desires. No matter your level of involvement, we welcome you with the utmost gratitude and excitement for what is ahead!

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What is the International Kink Health Study (IKHS)?

The International Kink Health Study (IKHS) is an expansion of TASHRA's 2016 Kink Health Survey. This new study plans to invite participants to become part of a group of kink interested people from around the world. We will ask them to complete yearly surveys over a number of years. We hope that they will help us understand more about what it means to be kinky, about their health and wellbeing, their kink lives and pleasure, their relationships and roles, their injuries and their experiences of healing. 


We are researchers with deep roots in the kink community and who want to make sure that this information benefits the kink community. Won't you think about joining with us on our upcoming adventure? 

Even if you are joining the study, you may also join our mailing list and help write the future of erotic diversity

Talk to you soon!

This is a project of the The Alternative Sexualities Health Research Alliance (TASHRA)

  • Understand the health benefits and risks of your kink interests and involvement.

Join us and improve kink health and wellbeing around the world!

  • Better understand how the stress of being a stigmatized and often misunderstood sexual minority impacts your mental and physical health. 

  • Improve your health care by training therapists and medical care professionals in how to provide more informed and compassionate care to you.

  • Support other kink health research that supports a better life for you.

Your participation will help us to...

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About TASHRA's Research

The Kink Health Project


In town halls and interviews, San Francisco bay people who are involved in kink and BDSM activities told us about their health and experiences with doctors and therapists.

Kink Health Survey


Over 1,000 kink-involved participants answered over 200 questions about their health history, their emotional wellbeing, and kink lives. Overwhelmingly, they aren't that different from everybody else, but it did bring up questions.

The International

Kink Health Study


Three years in development and an expansion of our 2016 findings. Become one of an international group of kink-involved, interested, and unsure participants who will contribute to new understandings of erotic diversity.

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More about TASHRA's research and mission to support erotic diversity.

Since 2012, TASHRA (The Alternative Sexualities Health Research Alliance) has been partnering with kink folk to understand and support the mental and physical health of the erotically diverse.

One of the foundational missions of TASHRA is understanding and representing the health care needs of individuals with alternative sexualities. Through our research, we explore the intersections of kink identities and the individuals that host them.