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Health Research

Shaping the future of erotic wellbeing

Advance medical & mental health care practice and knowledge for erotic, sexual, racial and gender-diverse people.

Use this information to help educate and dispel common misperceptions of kink-identified people worldwide.

Support culturally competent and affirming health care.

The Mission of the IKHS 

Meet Our Research Team:

How Our Research Will Help Kink Folks Everywhere

Our goal is to use the research data to increase the overall scholarly knowledge of kink. Links to the abstracts for these studies will be available on the "For The Press" page.

Our study data will also be used by TASHRA to develop educational programs to help providers to become more kink aware and competent!

The History of the Kink Health Study

TASHRA - The Alternative Sexualities Health Research Alliance, has been chronicling the health and healthcare experiences of kink-identified people since 2012. In 2014, their first pilot research, called the Kink Health Project produced preliminary information on the healthcare experiences of kink identified individuals in the San Francisco Bay Area. Building on this, the 2016 Kink Health Survey (KHS) was the first of its kind to produce comprehensive information on the health of over 1000 kink identified individuals from throughout the United States. Preliminary surveys like these are conducted to point out areas where more comprehensive study are needed.


As a result, TASHRA has developed this second kink health study, which extends the survey to an international audience. This has become the 2021 International Kink Health Study (IKHS). As a study, it aims to follow and measure the medical and mental health of interested kink individuals over numerous years. We hope to significantly inform appropriate health care delivery and to break down misperceptions that the medical and mental health communities have of Kinky individuals. Through our studies, we are seeking to advocate for Kinky folks to receive culturally competent and comprehensive care.

TASHRA is a 501c3 non-profit with the mission of improving the health and healthcare service experiences of individuals who are involved in alternative sexualities. TASHRA leading kink researchers, Dr. Richard Sprott and Dr. Anna Randall, have built a diverse multi-disciplinary team encompassing various fields of healthcare including: kink health researchers, physicians and other physical healthcare providers, psychotherapists, social workers, graduate students and interns.